Beno Lim


Beno Lim - Senior Artist M.A.C Singapore

"As a young boy I enjoyed watching my mother put on makeup for her movie nights with neighbours. I vividly remember her applying lots of blusher on her cheeks. Even then I understood that makeup changes someone’s mood instantly. Colours cheer up a face without fail.”

With two decades as a makeup artist under his belt, Beno has grown from that little boy watching his mother glamourize into one of Asia’s most in-demand maquilleurs, working his magic on the runways, for Cirque du Soleil, in the pages of publications like Vogue China and on celebrities from Debbie Gibson to Fei Xiang to M·A·C’s very own VIVA GLAMourous Lady Gaga.

“It all began when I was 14. I volunteered to help a classmate apply makeup for a school performance. I still remember the not‑so‑well-blended blue eye shadow and red lips! Back then, I didn’t even own any makeup. My tools were two brushes and my ten fingers!”

After serving in the Singaporean army, Beno got a role in the Chinese musical "I Have A Date With Spring". During the show’s two‑week run, Beno volunteered to do the makeup. “That was when I got my first makeup kit that had all the basics like powders, mascara, liners, lipsticks and eye shadows. Though my role did not require much makeup, I could not resist doing full-on contouring and shading not only for myself but also for the rest of the cast.”

Determined to become a makeup artist, Beno went on to shatter the proverbial glass ceiling, becoming the first man in Singapore to work behind a makeup counter.

“In 1998 I was the first Prescriptives Makeup Artist in Singapore and subsequently got a lot of editorial exposure. Of course, I was drawn to the vibrant colours and the wide array of textures at M·A·C. After lusting to become a M·A·C Artist for several years, l asked for a transfer and joined in 2001.”

Nearly a decade after becoming a member of the M·A·C family, Beno is firmly established as a star in his own right, bouncing between fashion shows, plays, TV studios and visiting the M·A·C store, all while dispensing some of his own invaluable philosophy to colleagues,
friends and clients along the way.

“Change the way you think and you can change your life. The thoughts you choose to think are the tools you can use to create a beautiful painting out of your life.”


  • Theatre Makeup
  • Beauty Looks for Editorial
  • Runways


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